Hajj and Umrah Visa Requirements

In order to process your Hajj / Umrah Visa from Saudi consulate we will require the following.

US passport or Original green card with home country electronic readable passport required
Passport must be valid for 7 months from the date of travel and had minimum 3 empty pages.
    • For Hajj 4 photographs with white backgrounds or 1 Photograph for Umrah Visa
    • Original Meningitis Vaccination Certificate.
    • Saudi Visa application must be filled out.
    • Pilgrims who have non-Islamic names must have a statement from any Islamic Center showing their conversion to Islam.
    • For Ladies: a “Muhrem” must accompany the woman during the Hajj & Umrah Trip if under the age of 45
    • Copy of Marriage certificate required for ladies accompanying their husband and copy of birth certificate for children under 18 who is travelling with their parents.
    • Notarized letter of permission from there Husband needed for ladies who is travelling alone over the age of 45
    • To sign up for Hajj package you must register on our website.
    • Balance of payment must be paid by the end of Shaban.
  • All Documents need a return paid FEDEX Envelop.
Please do not use any mailing service other than FedEx.